Human Resource Management At Small Businesses

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Pre-sessional 2016
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Human Resource Management in Small Businesses


Qi Ni/Nicky


Human Resource Management in Small Businesses

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the terminology used to illustrate formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. It is the method of managing an organization or company that is directly related to the employees of that particular organization. The success of a business often rely heavily on the performance of managing human resource. Maximizing the desires and benefits of an organization and helping a business grow by rewarding employees to help motivate and push them in their performance is one of the main aim of HRM. By doing this, it will have a positive impact on both the company and it’s entire organization.

The management of people in an organization is an important factor of the HRM. This principle of HRM is all about how people act and behave in a formal setting. Modern human resource management is guided by a few main principles.

One of the most dominant factor is the fact that human resources are the most valuable assets of an organization. Another important principle, expressed by Ashly Pinnington in her book ‘Human Resource Management Ethics and Employment’, is that “a succesful business is more likely to be achieved if the personal polices and
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