Human Resource Management Case Study: Starbucks Company

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Analysis of the Problem. Employees could be frustrated when a new technology or mode of operation is introduced at their place of work, and they are not educated on how to use it. It does not matter the level of experience. As far as it is new, even the senior-most individuals within the organization need to know about using the newly introduced service. If training is not adequately offered, the performance of the employees will be poor just as seen in Starbucks Company and they will no doubt decide to leave the organization and leave a gap which could have otherwise been filled by educating the employees. Today, Starbucks is one of the companies that have been able to retain most of the employees. It uses the strength as a competitive strategy. The human resource managers have a great role to play as far as employee retention is concerned with training (Reiche et al. 33). One of the reasons why an employee may find it…show more content…
Before the training was conducted, it was difficult for the juniors to gain the knowledge about the operation of these apps. The other way through which training leads to the retention of employees is through the development of the culture of teaching and learning. For a long time, the employees have stuck to the idea of doing things their way even if they know that it is not the right way (Reiche et al. 41). The idea is that they do not want to ask for fear that they will be stereotyped as individuals who do not have any knowledge about their job specification. Opening up for training services within an organization makes it possible for the people to understand that there is no one with all the skills, people have to depend on one another to be able to progress. Often, if one of the employees is stuck, he or she has the opportunity to ask. Training will bring in the culture of love hence
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