Human Resource Management Competencies Essay

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Challenges faced in Human Resource Management in the Workplace
Romonia Fullenwilder
Human Resource Management
Instructor: Dr. Jean Gordon

Abstract Today the Human Resources Management (HRM) professional role is integral with the strategic growth of an organization by managing its Human Capital. Human Capital is defined as “the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of individuals that have economic value to an organization (Bohlander & Snell, 2010). According to a recent poll of executives conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM),
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Pilenzo’s elements are: to substantially redefine the tactical, strategic, and operational role of HR in organizations, fully develop the concept of quantitative measurement of outcomes; and expand the body of knowledge in HR to include operational expertise and performance standards.

Competencies of HRM profession in Human Capital Management Bohlander (2010) states, “Managers must acquire a complementary set of competencies.”
(p.33) The set of competencies are business mastery, HR mastery, change mastery and personal credibility and is an arsenal of expert level skill needed by HRM professionals to effectively manage a human capital. Moreover, competitive challenges are a revolving force in human capital management. Due to technological advancement, HRM professionals are researching and using HR software systems such as HRIS to manage employee payroll and give employees access to their health and pension benefits. In the past, this was handled manually and was very-time consuming for HR professionals. HRM professionals also have to consult with IT professionals to understand technological processes that help manage human capital and businesses. Zeidner (2008) states, “HR professionals considering any kind of system have had to become versed in the vernacular of information technology—learning concepts once strictly the domain of computer science majors—such
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