Human Resource Management Competencies

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Human Resource Management Competencies EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Conflicts may arise at any level in organizational setups among co-working employees or between employees and their managers (Bach 2002). These conflicts may arise due to various reasons; including misunderstanding, lowering expectations, professional jealousy, unequal work distribution among employees working at the same organizational level, uneven promotional strategies, and the most importantly, due to negative consequences which one employee may has to face due to his coworker (Bamber & Lansbury 1998). The case under study presents a situation in which an employee had to bear a heavy criticism from the whole organization and his family members due to an outrageous and cheap deed of his supervisor. This act not only made that employee vulnerable within his own work system, but also created an embarrassing situation for all the organizational members. As this situation caused a big conflict between the employee and his supervisor, there is an essence need to resolve this conflict in an effective and efficient way (Deery, Plowman, & Walsh 1997). The case study has been explained in the light of internationally accepted Conflict Management strategies, concepts, and theories of the present times. These theories and concepts will help in recommending potential solutions to the aforementioned conflict. THE CASE STUDY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES The Type and Reasons for Conflict between John and his
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