Human Resource Management : Employee Motivation

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1.1 Background of the study In the contemporary business development, it is essential to manage not only the external resources but also the internal resources, such as human resources (Flamholtz, 2012). In the field of human resource management, employee motivation is an essential topic, which aim to enhance the working enthusiasm for the employees in order to gain the higher production (Jiang et al., 2012). Then, another complex theme, job satisfaction, is considered to be a factor that can force the employees retain or leave the company (Edmans, 2012). If the employees not satisfy with the company, it may lead to a large number of problems, including the inefficiency even high rate of turnover in the company (Jain, 2013). Therefore, whether the human capital can feel job satisfaction or not is an importance issue for the human resource development department in the company in order to enhance the inherent strength of the firm. For the purpose of reaching higher level of employee job satisfaction, an effective incentive mechanism can be useful (Ahmed and Islam, 2011). In China, human resource management need to have personal characteristics rather than globalization because of the specific national conditions (Warner, 2001; Varma and Budhwar, 2014), which implies that it is meaningful to research and discuss the human resource issues in particular in Chinese companies. To be more specific, after the reform and openness process of China, a large number of industries
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