Human Resource Management

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Situation: 1. Human Resource Manager of PepsiCo’s Possible Reasons for Cessation of Employment 1. He/she got a better offer from the competitor company. That offer can be more salary or an upper position than PepsiCo. 2. Conflicts between management and HR Manager regarding a company issue or conflicts between employees and HR Manager. 3. Changes in his/her life situation. If he/she is married or had a baby, and the salary and benefits no longer support your needs, he/she has to find a better opportunities to support his/her family. 4. The culture and values of the company is way different from His/her culture and values then it will be difficult for him/her to apply this in work. 5. Because of the high stress level at work, that…show more content…
To do this HRM has to have a good HRP. HR needs to forecast the requirements of the company to identify whether they have enough employees to do the work in order to achieve the objectives and do they have sufficient skills to work. HRM has to monitor employees’ performance through performance gap. Based on that gap they can measure the employees’ performance level. To achieve the objectives HRM has to have proper plan to keep the employees in the company. For that they can motivate employees by giving rewards and flexible working environment. Employees need to behave according to the rules and regulations of the company and if they are not behaving well then HRM responsibility is to control them and motivate them by giving punishments so that they can work hard to achieve the company objectives. HRM need to give proper training to the employees so that they can improve their knowledge and skills in the workforce. Motivation plays a big role in achieving objectives of the company. Motivation can be done by giving opportunities to the employees and participating employees in decision making if relevant to their working environment and helping them through their works. Health and safety is always important for the employees in every company. Legal factors are the most important factors in any workplace. Employees feel safe and equal among others in the working environment. This helps employees to work hard and achieve their target objectives. There are certain
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