Human Resource Management

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HR Management Introduction "When I transitioned from a full-time professor to a full-time corporate executive, I was shocked to discover that many great HR principles we take for granted to not automatically take hold in the real world…" (Arthur Yeung, 2011). ONE: Describe the unique challenges of managing the human resources function for your specific organization. During economic hard times, when the U.S. has fallen into a recession as it did in 2007-2008, there are innovations that are needed in HR management, according to an article in the peer-reviewed Global Conference on Business and Finance Proceedings. The classic, typical HR solutions are not always effective during times of economic downturn, and specialized companies in particular smaller businesses must focus on "…their core competencies, rather than focusing on running payroll" or benefits for employees (Nica, 2012, p. 479). The way in which companies are dealing with these economic challenges is to use "customized HR solutions" such as the outsourcing of some of the traditional human resource activities, Nica explains. In order to reduce costs in the processing of payroll, handling worker's compensation, employee benefits, "human resource management, employee liability, and other related HR responsibilities" (Nica, 479). In doing this kind of outsourcing taking away the layer of costs normally associated with doing everything in-house the company must then be acutely sensitive to the core
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