Human Resource Management Essay

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1) There are four major types of legislation that affect recruitment and selection in a non-unionized workplace within Saskatchewan. Those types of legislation being: • Constitutional law • Human Rights law • Employment Equity legislation and • Labour law/employment standards and related legislation. Constitutional law as a whole is the supreme law of Canada and has precedence over all other legal means; it consists of a series of Acts and orders passed since 1867 by the British and Canadian Parliaments. Sections 1 – 34 of Part 1 of the Constitution Act of 1982 are called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Constitutional law does not directly affect recruitment and selection activities unless the recruitment and…show more content…
This effects Recruitment and Section by having specific area that must be followed. Employment Equity refers to the elimination of discrimination practices that prevent the entry or retention of members from designated groups in the workplace, and to the elimination of unequal treatment in the workplace related to membership in a designated group. Employment equity also involves any human resource activities introduced into an organization to ensure equality for all employees in all aspects of employment. It provides a general direction and gives priority to the implementation of employment equity measures through various means. The intent is also to address past systematic discrimination in employment systems that have disadvantaged members of the designated groups. The programs often require an employer to undertake an extensive overhaul of the organization’s Recruitment & Selection system. The employment equity programs are also proactive in that they require employers to take action to increase the number of protected group members in the workplace. The final legislation is Labour law/employment standards and related legislation. Federal and provincial labour laws stipulate the rights of employees to organize trade unions and to bargain collective agreements with employers. Federal and provincial employment standards laws regulate
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