Human Resource Management Essay example

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The Employment relationship is the only reason public and private limited organisations work effectively. The Employment relationship is a fragile tie between an employer “management” and employee “worker”. This relationship can be affected by 3 factors which are interests, control and motivation. Employers have to balance these factors in order to maintain a productive working relationship.

Employment relationship works like any other relationship, commitment is required from both sides. In this case the employer and employee need to have a form of understanding and objectives need to be in common. This is not impossible therefore both sides agree upon a mutual decision however interests can be opposed and have done so in the past. A
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The reciprocal rights and obligations are created between the employer and employee through the employment relationship and to an extent this is effective. Management has developed HRM approaches to managing the employment relationship however whether this is effective and successful is debatable. HRM represents Human Resource Management which is a “strategic, integrated and highly distinctive managerial approach to industrial relations”

There are many forms of ‘approaches’ used by HRM in managing the employment relationship however there are only two types of HRM; Hard HRM and Soft HRM. Hard HRM uses employees as a resource whereas Soft HRM shows emphasis on employees from a human element therefore more subtle compared to the other. By adopting the hard HRM employees are treated as resources and are controlled as much as possible. In some cases employees are even paid less in wages because management think they can do so with this form of HRM. In the soft HRM employees are acknowledged and valued. Employees’ skills are always developed and training is vital so that employees are used at their best.
This is managements perspective of HRM being categorised however there is a big difference between HRM theories and the practical