Human Resource Management Essays

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Critically evaluate the contributions Human Resource Management can make to the achievement of an organization’s strategic aims and objectives. Illustrate you answer with examples.

In today tumultuous times, the challenges that companies face to remain competitive have changed rapidly. With constant new breakthrough in technology, companies fought hard with its competitors to establish and maintain their competitive advantage. However, access to capital & technology has become less critical in today’s economy as compared to acquiring and keeping skilled workers. In a knowledge-based economy, it is important for companies to be more strategic in the way it operates. Human Resource Management today has to be strategic to meet the
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Here, HRM will have to focus strategically and to integrate their planning into company planning. There is a need for HR to do their planning as to prepare the company for the constant change in the business environment. For example, advances in technology are determining how certain work processes need to be done and companies are now operating on a more technological expertise that they would require IT savvy personnel to handle the demand of the technology. One example is in Government bodies in Singapore operating on an e-procurement system called Gebiz. Gone were the days where staffs have to fill up at least 4 different types of forms when purchasing items with few vendors. They now simply submit the purchase requisition through the system and the vendor will validate their purchase by inputting the amount and the dollar value into the system and submitting the e-invoices back to the buyer.

When the company is aware and is adjusting to the constant change in the demand of the industry, it helps to increase the competitive advantages of the company. For example, for deliveries and freight companies, customers are no longer only sending their items locally; deliveries are being made across the region and