Human Resource Management Final Study Guide Answers Essay

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Keller Graduate School of Management Study Guide for Final Exam 1. Give four examples of major Equal Employment Opportunity laws and/or regulations, including the name of the act, what it does, whom it covers and who enforces it. Name of Act | What is does | Whom it covers | Enforcement Agency | Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 | Forbids discrimination based on race, color, sex, national origin, or religion | * Employers with 15 or more employees working 20 or more weeks a year * Labor Unions * Employment agencies * State and local governments | EEOC | Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) | Prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities | Employers with 15 or more employees | EEOC | Age…show more content…
Reasons include: * The long-term effects of an improperly managed downsizing effort can be negative. * Many downsizing campaigns let go of people who turn out to be irreplaceable assets. * Employees who survive the staff purges often become narrow-minded, self-absorbed, and risk-averse. 7. Forecasting indicates the need for skilled technical employees in your company will increase dramatically this year. If the company continues on its present course, it will experience a substantial labor shortage by year's end. Something must be done fast, but management is concerned about maintaining its flexibility. Which of the options for avoiding expected labor shortages identified in the text would be most appropriate under these circumstances? Explain your answer. To remain flexible and do something fast regarding the upcoming forecasted labor shortage, the company can do one of these or a combination; hire temporary workers, outsource, or offer overtime. Hiring temporary workers helps eliminate a labor shortage. Temporary employment affords firms the flexibility needed to operate efficiently in the face of swings in demand. 8. Define utility and then identify and discuss at least five factors likely to affect the utility of any test. Utility is the degree to which the information
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