Human Resource Management Functions Of The Company

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Human Resource Management Function Based on Bandag’s size, it is important for the company to look closely at the human resource functions of the company. Currently, Jim’s executive assistant handles the day-to-day human resource management. It is important to first ask if Jim’s executive assistant has the expertise to deal with the day-to-day human resource tasks or is this an additional burden on the assistant. It may appear as a burden due to the many problems the company is experiencing. It may be in the company’s best interest to employ an in-house employee who will specifically deal with the daily human resource management tasks. This person should be a highly trained individual. This individual should be able to competently…show more content…
If Jim decides he does not want to employ an in-house human resource employee, he will need to carefully select an outsourcing firm to handle the all duties of a human resource department. This action is needed in order to find a firm that offers the solutions to the problems targeting Bandag. This decision should not be taken lightly. It is a decision that should be well thought out and researched because the outsourcing firm will work as an extension of the organization. In Jim’s case, cost alone should never be the deciding factor in the selection of an outsourcing firm to handle human resource processes. There are a host of other factors to consider, such as reputation, organizational fit, and degrees of experience. It is often advisable to meet those who will be performing the work itself (Caruth, Haden, and Caruth, 2013). Additionally, if outsourcing of all operations is needed, open communication is needed in order to solidify the relationship between the companies. It is also important to note regardless of the choice that is made, organizational leaders need to approach either scenario with the mindset of building a long-term relationship. Neither option should be viewed as a short-term solution to human resource management problems—it is a long-term arrangement that requires commitment from both parties (Caruth, Haden, Caruth, 2013). Dismissal of Employee Henry The case with Henry, there is a need to gather more information regarding his claim.
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