Human Resource Management: Handle Selection Process

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Handle Selection Process Introduction Handle selection process is method in which the various companies use to recruit the kind of staff or personnel they intend to bring on board at a given period. This will depend on the technique that the company decides to carry out. Some of this methods or screening devices includes employment interviews, application banks, personality test and aptitude test. Employment Interview The employment interviews is like an informative exchange vehicle between the interviewer and the applicant regarding the an applicant's interest basing on the job suitability as per the employer job which is on offer. It is a conversation controlled between the applicant for the job and the employer or someone representing the employer. The specific aim of this selection process to the interviewer are to make sure that it has given out further information about the job and the organization and also to ensure that the process is as fair as possible (Jackson, Schuler & Werner 20012) . Interviews can either be formal or informal. It can be conducted by one individual or several people basing on the number of strategies or techniques that needs to be employed. Advantages It is the best way to assess the compatibility of the applicant with his boss or by colleagues which is a considerable factor that affects success of any reputable employment relationship. It is ritualistic method since it accepted part of the recruiting process. Its flexibility enhances
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