Human Resource Management : Hard Hrm And Soft Hrm

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The world is changing at a very intense rate compared to the 1980s. With the rapid involvement and changing world of technology, it is becoming intertwined with almost all aspects of our life. With personnel management changing into human resource management. Human resource management has two models of approaching their work and that is hard HRM and soft HRM. These two are widely used for many organizations that involve the Human Resource team to approach the practices. There is no perfect way to run an organization with these strategies. Hard HRM involves a company that is usually looking at its employers and seeing them as resources that are adding to the overall efficiency and maximization of the organization. Hard HRM looks at resources in the organization and try to run the company as cheaply and understandable by the top of the pyramid employees and the lesser are replaceable and less important. The ‘hard’ approach may be seen as having some kinship with the calculative approach associated historically with scientific management (Druker, White, Hegewisch & Mayne, 1996, p.406). On the other hand, Soft HRM looks at its employees as more than another thing to make them more money but rather as assets to what makes the community of the organization great and successful. Soft HRM wants to make sure that the employees are committed and enjoying the experience and occupation in the organization. Soft HRM places an emphasis on “human” (Gill, 1999, p.4). Soft HRM wants the…

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