Human Resource Management : Hrm And Hrd

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According to the Journal of International Social Research by Haslinda (2009), since the 1980s, the US industry of manufacturing underwent a recession which caused the popularity and importance of human resource development (HRD) to rapidly escalate among business organizations, in a desperate bid to overcome their time of intense difficulty. Meanwhile, the human resource management (HRM) shared many differences as well as similarities with the HRD which were both vital for organizations to clarify and understand. This essay will argue that the main areas of differences between HRM and HRD involve within their function, strategy, skills and training, but despite their differences HRM and HRD should be considered as one academic discipline due to how their roles and responsibilities are interrelated to each other. In this essay, the term ‘development’ will be understood as a process that is necessary for any sort of advancement, additionally, the term ‘management’ will be understood as a condition to control. First, this essay will acknowledge why the fundamental differences between HRM and HRD can cause an individual to consider them as two separate academic disciplines, however, it will immediately become clear why this perspective is flawed through a variety of reasons. The subsequent paragraphs will reinforce this argument by explaining how HRM and HRD are two interrelated concepts under the same field of study and is a single academic discipline, rather than as two
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