Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) And Human Resources Development Essay

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Leadership in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Human Resource Development (HRD) have strong associations to people based initiatives within an organization. Employee actions and behaviors are influenced by HRM practices such as staffing, evaluation of employees, and incentives or rewards, and HRD practices such as training and career development. HRM is tasked with making the best possible use of the organizations human resources, while HRD is an extension of HRM that focuses on the development of the organization’s manpower.
HRM generally refers to a branch of management that is concerned with managing people so that they can contribute the best possible results to an organization. HRM leadership focuses on the application of management principles to the people working within the organization. HRM leadership aims at improving the performance and productivity of the organization by finding the effectiveness of its human capital; leadership in HRM focuses on placing the right person at the right job. This process consists of a range of activities such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training and development, performance appraisal, managing relationships within the organization, and introducing and managing change necessary changes.
HRD refers to the development of people working within an organization. The main focus of leadership in HRD is to improve skills, knowledge, competencies, attitude, and the behavior of employees of an organization. Leaders in HRD empower
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