Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) And The Role Of Role Play Within The Organization

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In this essay we will be discussing human resource management (HRM) and the role play within the organisation. We will be looking at different theorist and their views on what is HRM and evidence backing up their argument as well as to critically reviews the link between HRM and wider organisational strategy
To define what HRM is, it is important to understand what management is. Based on ‘Essentials of management’ written by DuBrin, A.J and Cengage Learning (2010) they describe management as a process in which organisational uses resource’s to achieve objectives . This can be achieve through planning, organizing and staffing as well as leading, motivating and controlling. So if management is to manage resource to achieve objectives then HRM is a “distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage” (Storey 2001).
Beer et al (1984) believe there are four main areas HRM covers and where managers needed to take more responsibility for which is employee influence, this cover how employee involvement can help in decision making. Second is work system, this involves ensuring the work in the organisation is efficient and productive that can meet their goals. Then you have human resource flow and this mainly involve recruitment, selection and sometime ending their contract in addition to rewarding for their work. The rewards can range from such as pay, bonuses, or job fulfilment to help to maintain a high motivated and
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