Human Resource Management ( Hrm )

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he HRM Process Human Resource Management (HRM) is a combination of elements that work interdependently on each other to carry out the daily functions within an organization. Human Resources Management operates in several roles serving as a liaison between the organization and the employee. This dual role often present challenges within HRM; therefore it is vital the HRM Department is skilled on various issues that may arise on a daily basis within an organization. In this paper, I will discuss the role of Human Resource Management and the value the HRM Department adds to a team. Moreover, I will confer various duties, and task required b HRM and how they contribute to the efficacy of an organization and employee performance to…show more content…
An additional role of HRM is preparing compensation and benefits packages that are attractive to qualified candidates while remaining within the limits of the organization 's budget. Human Resource Management are mandated to uphold regulations that support health and safety, and they must cultivate an atmosphere where employees feel safe. Moreover, HRM must establish safety systems and report job-related injuries immediately. In many organizations, especially in production, manufacturing, warehousing, or offshoring employment, the HRM Department may be required to interact with Union Workers regarding various issues; hence HRM must be knowledgeable of these practices and procedures.
Albeit, Human Resource Management processes necessitate abundant insight, planning, and collaboration, I will describe eight processes of HRM. As we discussed earlier the HRM process includes strategic planning which is the observation and evaluation period, during this level of the HR process, HRM will evaluate the needs of the organization internally and externally including opportunities for competitive advantages and potential threats.
The second phase of the HR process consists of job analysis and job design. This process critiques current positions and analyses to adjust further. Job analyzation is used for restructuring, candidate selection, performance reviews, training, and compensation and wage
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