Human Resource Management : Hrm

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Provide a brief description of the models of HRM discussed in the first chapter of the textbook, and explain how each one relates to strategic human resource management. Human Resource Management (HRM) at its best seeks to manage people and resources to maximize economic and social outputs. Social output resulting from providing opportunity for advancement will ultimately make employees become true participants in the company. Bratton and Gold (2012) outline six HRM models, they are: the Forbrum, Tichy and Devanna model, the Harvard model, the Guest model, the Warwick model, The Storey model, and Ulrich’s Strategic Partner model of HRM. Forbrum Tichy and Devanna model of HRM is based on the principle of selecting, appraising, developing and rewarding employees who fulfill management strategic business interests. HR selection of employees who demonstrate above average skill in a job for further training then promoting the employee to a supervisory position is strategic HRM. Trained employee can help improve the firm bottom line. These four HRM practices used may not be sufficient to analytically define employee/management relationship. The Harvard model have well defined principles which are based on identifiable situational factor, stakeholder interest, HRM policy choices, realistic HRM outcome, long-term consequences and feedback to all party involve. Stakeholders work together to achieve: organizational effectiveness, employee enhancement and societal wellbeing
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