Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Essay

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1.0 Introduction Human resource management (HRM) defines as an administrative process which manages and deals with the company’s employees to assist in achieving the company’s goals (Grimsley 2015). The role of HRM is to offer support in human resource matter to all employees. There are four functions of human resources which are recruit people, select best candidate, give training and development to new candidates and give some good compensation and benefit to new candidate (iPlace 2013). As we enter the new era, many company start to recognize the significance of effective human resource management. One of the importances of human resource management is to have good relationship between union and company’s management (MacDonald 2015). If a company has good policies and practices, union will think that the company cares for the employees’ benefit so that conflict between two parties would not exist. Furthermore, proper human resource policies and practices can help employee to work in a team in order to improve team work (University of California San Francisco 2015). Next, human resource management can assist company in achieving the company’s goals (Bianca 2015). If employees have positive and good attitude, it can help the company reduce the turnover costs and achieve the company’s goals. Besides, in order to reduce turnover costs, human resource can use suitable recruitment and selection methods in order to attract and select high performing

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