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As a child, I have always had this wild imagination of being able to become anything I set my mind too. A Film Director, Surgeon, Professional Soccer Player, and even a Chef. In the process of deciding what I wanted to come to school for I contemplated on what type of career I wanted to focus on. The constant question of what area to go into was always coming up. After many talks and research with my family, I decided to go into human resource management, specifically in a hospital. Many people questioned and often said “Why human resource management?” My answer, I chose human resource managers because I believe they are a vital part of a hospitals success. They make the plans, they direct the staff and they coordinate how people work…show more content…
According to Martha J. Greenberg from Nursing Leadership, "One of the most important roles of the nurse leader is that of a human resource manager. Understanding key concepts of recruitment, selection, credentialing, assignment, retention, developing, promoting, and terminating are core competencies of the nurse leader." Meaning the responsibilites that I will be bestowed upon if human resource manager is what I want to do is be in charge of recruiting and hiring new employees. Finding employees that are qualified to work in their field is a very important aspect to the day to day operations a human resource manager. The hiring process is long, first they must consult with the practice and find what the need is for a new employee and where they will be placed once they are hired. The second step is to interview the candidates that they find are qualified to do the job. During these interviews they will inform the applicants on what they will be required to do and day-to-day job duties. After a series of interviews, if the manager likes them they will begin to contact their references and do background checks. If all checks out, they will be hired on and begin a new employee orientation. The processing of the paperwork takes place and they will be hired and placed in the department that saw a need for a new employee. HR managers deal with plenty more than just hiring people, they deal with resolving issue between management and employees. They create training
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