Human Resource Management : Human Resources Management Essay

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The industry I have chosen to study this semester is Human Resources. The position I hope to have in this field in the future is in Human Resources management. Human resources is the division of a company that focuses on activities relating to employees. Human Resources staff search for new recruits, use their knowledge and work to find the best person for the job. Human Resources management are a vital link to the overall structure of a company.
Human Resources management dates back as early as the 1920’s where it was a defined field but was instead called Personnel administration. In the United States, personnel administration was concerned with the technical aspects of hiring, evaluating, training and compensating employees. It was predominately the “staff” function of most organizations. (Vinay). Human resources management has changed names numerous times and Industrial welfare was the first form in 1833 where the factories act was created and stated that there should be male factory inspectors. Legislation was passed in 1878 that regulated the amount of hours’ women and children could work a week which was 60 hours. This resulted in trade unions being formed along with welfare worker’s association and was later changed to Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
Human resources management was developed as a response to the increase in competitiveness in American businesses and organizations in the 1970’s due to the increase of technological changes. The
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