Human Resource Management Information System

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Week Five Assignment: HRIS Internet Paper Adrian Jackson Student Number: 4494931 American Public University System Professor Emilia Butu Human Resource Management Information Systems- HRMT 415 Session D, Summer 2014 3 October 2014 Introduction As times change so does the way organizations handle business. As organizations change practices HRM must change to remain an inaugural part of the organization. As a HR Director of a large corporation it is a must to understand Human Resource Information Systems or HRIS. With many HRIS functions such as e-recruiting, self-service technology, and E-Learning and training becoming the norm, a HR Director has to have a working knowledge of HRIS to be able to successfully manage a HR department and make sure the organization is able to compete with rival companies in recruiting and employee satisfaction. In this paper we will discuss these three topics and I will attempt to give detailed information to help better understand how each is an important part of HRIS. E-Recruiting For a few months now I myself have been playing around with e-recruiting trying to fig-ure out how it works so that when I finish my degree and I reach the end of my Air Force career I will already have knowledge of these systems. Because of this I found the e-recruiting week’s lesson very interesting. Just from playing around on the internet I thought online job recruiting sites where just electronic depositories for applications and resumes and that
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