Human Resource Management : Integrated Refugee And Immigrant Services

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Human Resource Management: Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services
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The ultimate goal for Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services is to make every refugee secure a job in the country (U.S) and become a self-sufficient individual.
1. A brief role of human resource at Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services
a) Developing refugees
One of the HR management roles in IRIS is to provide awareness about the U.S workforce and make the refugees know about the laws and policies expected of them as immigrants. This knowledge is crucial since the operations and activities in the U.S might be very different from where they come from. Through this activity, refugees are able to adapt to the environment with no problems, and also intermingle with citizens and other refugees the right way. The next role is resume creation. A refugee may possess the skills, knowledge and job experience that a company might be looking for, but without a good selling tool, he/she may remain jobless and dependent forever. That is why selling the clients through excellent resumes is a priority. Also, it is the HR department responsibility in IRIS to train refugees with the right skills and knowledge so they can secure the available jobs. This training allows refugees acquire relevant skills and knowledge, adapt well to the every day changing organizational structures, and work accordingly together with people from different ethnicities…
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