Human Resource Management Is The Backbone Of All Businesses That Leads The Way For A Company 's Success

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Human Resource Management is known for being the backbone of all businesses that leads the way for a company’s success. The human resource department is not just responsible for recruitment and payroll, but they are accountable for every employee within the organization, to include training, mentoring, and guidance. They also maintain incredible amounts of knowledge in order to ensure HR planning, recruitment, and selection, HR development, compensation and benefits, equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action, safety and health, and employee and labor relations. In this paper I will explore how all of these assets work together to perform that primary function. We’ve learned that human resource planning is the process of…show more content…
The selection process is to identify the best candidates who possess the most influential qualities a job requires and who fit the organizational culture well. These qualities include a combination of critical knowledge, skills, and abilities; appropriate experience and education; and personal characteristics, traits, and attitudes (Youssef, 2012). Common selection methods organizations use to gain information about and narrow down potential candidates are resumes and application forms, testing, interviews, reference checks, and honesty tests, medical exams, and drug testing. Job applications and resumes are the organization 's initial method of collecting information about potential recruits. Application forms assist in gathering basic information about applicants that can be grouped into four main categories: contact information, work experience, educational background, as well as the applicant 's signature validating all the information indicated in the application form (Youssef, 2012). The job application and resume method will impact the achievement of organizational objectives by gathering documentation on each employee, the employer will be able to see what abilities, qualifications, and knowledge each candidate posses. An application gives and employer all the necessary information needed to perform an initial interview. The interview method is
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