Human Resource Management Is The Formal Systems From The Management Of People Within An Organization

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“Human resource management is the formal systems from the management of people within an organization” (Bateman & Snell, 2013, p. 352). Human resource management promotes the importance of the people in an organization, as they are viewed as an organization’s most valuable resource (Bateman & Snell, 2013). Over the years the participation of human resource managers participating in strategic planning has increased. As the years continue to pass by there will be many changes to the labor force that will affect the practices of human resource management.
Over the next decade, several changes to the workforce will affect the way human resource management processes. The biggest affect will come from the increasing cost of health care. As health care continues to increase, so does the employee/employer portion of the cost sharing. As an employer, there is no escaping the increased cost of health care however there are ways to maintain the effects of the rising costs. Employers will need to increase employee wellness incentives and programs into their benefit packages. The wellness programs prove to increase the healthy habits of their employees to decrease the overall health care costs. Employers can also find health benefit packages that is custom made to accommodate their specific industry.
Looking forward, companies will have to take into account the future changes of the health care system once another president comes into office. Companies should start strategically
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