Human Resource Management Of An Organization Essay

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Graschl (2011) commented on the essential piece of information that Human Resource Management of an organization is one of the integral part of the organization that helps in maximizing the performance of the employees for meeting the objectives of the organization. In this contemporary world, the importance of hotel and hospitality industry is increasing in a rapid rate and hence managing the people within the hotels and restaurants is now a major concern. This is because, it is generally seen that the hospitality industries that deals with the welfare and satisfaction of the customers, do not give much care and importance to the employees. As mentioned by Lean-Darder, Villar-Garca­a & Pla-Barber (2011) the employees therefore are not at all treated well that leads to the less employee retention and dissatisfaction. The hotel industry in New Zealand is in a consistent growth over years and hence it is essential for the hotels to look after the interest of the employees. The HR practices should be present that includes both the appraisals and employee engagement that is essential for each and every hotel industry. In this research work, the researcher deals with the identification of the contemporary issue of Human resource management along with the discussion on the employee engagement process as the contemporary issue. In addition to this, the management of the identification of the issues that includes the approaches and its innovative proceedings are also discussed by
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