Human Resource Management

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1. Major Categories of Human Resource Management Functions Planning a. Strategic Human Resource Management – The process of developing and implementing HR policies and practices that directly support the major objectives and competitive strategy of the organization. b. Job Analysis – The process of obtaining and documenting information about the major responsibilities, duties, and tasks of each job in an organization, as well as the major types of knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job. c. Legal Compliance – The process of developing human resource policies and practices that meet the requirements of local, state, and federal laws. Staffing…show more content…
• Decentralization – distributing responsibility/authority to lower levels in company.
• Downsizing – redefining competitive advantage, eliminating some operations.
• Organizational restructuring – eliminating some operations, combining functions, etc.
• Self-managed teams – used to increase quality and increase employee commitment.
• Small businesses – maintain equitable HR policies to prevent loss of employees.
• Organizational culture – managing culture to support diversity and empowerment.
• Technology – implement new technology to increase production and quality.
• Outsourcing – moving work outside the company to reduce costs and overcome labor shortages. 3. Strategic Human Resource Management

Miles and Snow Model of Strategic Types The Miles and Snow Model categorizes organizations into four strategic types based two basic dimensions of the competitive environment: (1) the degree of technological change and (2) the degree of environmental change (such as competitors, markets, legislation, economic growth or contraction, etc. The four types are:

• Low technology change and low environmental change (Defenders)
• Low technology change and high environmental change (Reactors)
• High technology change and low environmental change (Analyzers)
• High technology change and high environmental change (Prospectors)

a. HR characteristics of Defenders – See Figure 1.8 in the
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