Human Resource Management

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Module 1 – CASE
Case Assignment
In today’s job market we see many human resource management changes and challenges evolving with the changes in a competitive market environment. One goal of the human resource department is to hire employees that will be as productive as possible, which in turn leads to more revenue and the success of an organization.
In healthcare we see even more challenges; making sure there is enough staff members to care for the patient load, keeping morale high, keeping the budget down, making sure the employee is properly trained and oriented, to name just a few.
First, explain the significance of human resource management and then identify and discuss the
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Organizational restructuring within healthcare organizations has impacted staffing due to the changes that are the results of external components within the health care industry. (Duffield, Christine et al 2006). Restructuring includes macro organizational changes such as mergers, closings, conversions to non-acute care, and ownership changes. Re-engineering, is the strategic progression that may include changes in work assignments, modifications in clinical staff and 1 Linda Gleason Module
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