Human Resource Management

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How employees are managed in an organization is important to the workflow of the workplace. Human resource management has several roles that encompass employee management, which include staffing, employee relations, training, benefits, and workplace safety. These roles are vital to the success of an organization. Human resource management in the health care industry is especially important because this department is responsible for hiring the best and most qualified health care workers. The ability to recruit exemplary health care workers is essential to providing the best patient care. The following paper will discuss the functional roles of the human resource department in a health care organization. Roles of Human Resource…show more content…
Human resources explain the benefits and ensures that employees receive what they are entitled to. It is the job of human resources to attract quality workers to the organization. Workplace Safety and Health Ensuring the health and safety of employees is important for the benefit of the entire organization. Providing a safe workplace is essential in retaining quality employees. It is the organization’s job to offer a safe environment to work in as well and to offer compensations for any work related injuries that may occur on the job. Keeping the health and safety of employee as a top priority reassures the employee the organization cares about its workers. In addition if the worker does not feel safe in the workplace he or she must feel comfortable to be able to address the situation for management to address the problem and remedy the problem to prevent future complaints. Human resource management is the center of an organization and can be seen as the backbone of the company. HR connects all departments together to ensure a smooth workflow and communication. Human resources works for the employee to ensure the employee is taken care of and that the employee feels that he or she is a valued aspect of the company. Taking care of employees greatly ensures that the employees, will in turn, provide the best service possible to patients and
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