Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management


What can be done to minimise and resolve conflict within the workplace? What factors create alienation amongst employees? When people hear the word conflict, automatically adjectives that come to mind are controversy, clash, to come into collision, quarrel. However, these findings are not always likely to be the only cause. It was always so easy for theorists to automatically assume that every aspect of conflict should be negative.
As D. Jordan (1996) noted that there were two types of conflict which are defined as; Cognitive conflict C-Type conflict which is seen as the good aspect. And also detrimental and this is defined as affective conflictive (A-Type conflict.
Meanwhile, it can also
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Ann’s manager did not really help the situation as she had hoped and said it was most likely “office banter” and that is how they run the office there. This shows that as a manager, they were unable to act on a sensitive issue.

Additionally, Ann mentioned that her manager lacked interpersonal skills and was also inexperienced. CIPD and Health and Safety Executive identify the specific competences that a line manager must do to manage conflict at work. Managers must be sensitive when any form of banter becomes teasing to a hurtful stage. They must use initiative and intervene when necessary and have a word with which team members are involved. It is also important that as a manager that they deal with the situation sooner rather than later as it could result in getting worse if allowed to drift on for several weeks or even months.

An organisation can be perceived as acting in a discriminatory manner towards women in various ways. Women that work in a male-dominated workplace may experience judgment due to being viewed as successful in the organization. Discrimination stems from the woman’s actions seen as being incongruent with societal-held beliefs regarding her gender (Eagly & Karau, 2002).

On the contrary, Eagly and Karau (2002) determined that the female co-worker may frequently experience disapproval as a result of the gender stereotypes that exist within the
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