Human Resource Management Essay

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“Beautyism” in the Workplace

Alicia Mikell

Human Resource Management Capstone HRM 599

Dr. Mary Ann Wangemann

August 12, 2012


Beautyism in the workplace is discrimination in one of its most disguised forms. Employers get away with this form of discrimination everyday. Because someone is categorized as beautiful it doesn’t mean that they have all the knowledge they need to succeed on a job or neither does it validate that they are a better selection than the next person. An idea can be developed or an assumption made from the treatment that is given to the person who was hired because of beautyism. What will be noticed in most cases it the special treatment that is given that is
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They have been put on pedestals because employers have defined them according to what perceptions have been developed about what beauty is according to them. Yes, I said men! Beautyism is not a practice that only focused on women. Men are chosen as a focus just as much as women because of beautyism practices. One thing is for sure beautisym certainly doesn’t discriminate. A human resource manager’s perspective would be one of concern for the organization. They may worry about the costs of hiring and training a less qualified person. Training expenditures vary widely from company to company and large corporations are particularly likely to support all forms of employee development (O’toole & Lawler, 2006). Also, the human resource manager may raise the question about spending money on the wrong candidate. After all human resource managers are stewards over human resources of an organization. Money is a human resource that has to be handled appropriately most effectively. In some cases the more inexperienced that a person is the more money an organization may need to train them to be efficient in their jobs. [Although], through learning we become able to do something we never were able to do (O’toole &Lawler, 2006). The human resource manager may think it not wise that the Chair chose to hire a less experienced person over a more qualified person. A human resource manager would think shouldn’t hiring