Human Resource Management

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Application Case-1 Finding People Who Are Passionate About What They Do
Executive Summary:
Trilogy Enterprises inc. is a fast growing software company with a unique and highly unorthodox culture. It provides solutions for automotive and telecommunications companies to gather and analyze consumer data, and acquire customers in the United States and internationally. The company’s solutions include Smart Leads; an Internet based scoring and segmentation service to predict consumers’ likelihood to buy and to enhance the sales process with consumer data; and, an automotive portal, which helps car manufacturers to enhance sales by determining the purchase propensity of customers. It also offers that include
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The panel was obviously not well-trained and was careless in the choice of questions that they used. Many of the questions were clearly discriminatory and could be used against them in a gender-based discrimination suit.
Question-2: Would you take the job offer if you were Maria? If you're not sure, is there any additional information that would help you makes your decision, and if so, what is it?
Yes, I would take the job offer as long as I know that kind of stress interview taken intentionally to see how I would stand up under pressure. If so then It is actually fair by the board of interviewer. But before accept the job; I need to find some information about the company. What I know is the nature of the job and the clear fit with my training and skills. The additional information that I should seek involves the number of women who work at the company, the levels of management which they have attained, and the satisfaction of those women with their treatment by the Apex management. So If I am not sure whether this additional information is available then I wouldn't take the job.
Question-3: The job of applications engineer for which Maria was applying requires: (1) excellent technical skills with respect to mechanical engineering; (2) a commitment to working in the area of pollution control; (3) the ability to deal well and confidently with customers who have engineering problems ; (4) a willingness to travel worldwide; and (5) a very intelligent and well-balanced
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