Human Resource Management Essay

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There are many functions of Human Resource Management, one of the most integral parts revolves around the process of acquiring human capital and the methods used to retain, motivate, and compensate employees. There are many factors involved in the overall process, to include the following: a job analysis, recruitment and selection, hiring the best candidate, evaluating and compensating them appropriately. Each part of the process affects the other, from ensuring that you have an accurate job description to determining the appropriate level of compensation. The beginning of the process of hiring a new employee starts with an analysis of the job description for the position that is open. It is critical that the hiring manager collaborate with the Human Resource staff to review the accuracy of the job description (to include the title of the position), the current responsibilities/duties and also any particular requirements. These requirements could be skills, a certain level of education or specific physical abilities (i.e, lift 50 pounds). The job analysis gives the manager an opportunity to look at each task statement in the job description and then determine the level of knowledge, skill and ability (KSA) that is required for each task statement. The KSA and task statements must be included in the job description and it is important the task statements are concrete and specific and that the KSA’s demonstrate the level of skill and abilities required for the…

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