Human Resource Management: Personal Opinions

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I would first change the overall protocol within the facility. The consultant made very important decisions without consulting the absent administrator first. This would cause issues as the administrator would feel spiteful that a decision was made without first consulting her. In my position, I would first make it a point in the future to consult all parties involved in the decision making process. Second, I would engage in dialogue with the administrator as she is upset over the changes enacted without her approval. This is important in reconciling the situation as the administrator has reacted in a spiteful manner. I would also be reluctant to let her leave the company for various reasons. First, it is my assumption that the administrator is a vital asset to the operations of the business. She probably possesses many attributes necessary to run the business in a successful manner. Furthermore, she undoubtedly possesses the extensive contacts and product knowledge needed to make the business more effective. By allowing the administrator to resign, the company could potentially lose vital expertise and knowledge within the industry. Furthermore, it could also be very costly to replace the lost administrator with competent talent in the field. As such, I find it practical to instead retain the administrator and replace the practices that caused her to want to resign. I would also make accommodations for the administrator by making sure this problem never occurs
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