Human Resource Management : Positive Impact On Organisational Performance

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Critically analyse the extent to which Human Resource Management can have a positive impact on Organisational Performance.

Human Resource Management (HRM) has a very positive impact on organisational performance. HRM in all organisations is the management of all personnel in the organisation in terms of recruitment and selection, training and welfare. The HRM department must ensure that they recruit the very best staff and must ensure that these employees remain motivated by ensuring above industry average rates of pay are implemented or offering promotion opportunities. By doing this it will mean that employees remain motivated and so will have allow maximum output and help to greatly improve organisational performance. This essay will examine a number of factors concerned with how HRM can have a positive impact on organisational performance such as having a strong recruitment and selection process and have a HR department that can deal with conflict between employees and employers.
One way in which Human Resource Management can have a positive impact on Organisational Performance is by adopting and implementing in recruitment and selection. Guest, D. E., Michie, J., Conway, N., & Sheehan, M. (2003) say that an organisation must have strong policies, “to attract and retain key workers.” It is the case that employees are a valuable but unreportable asset in every organisation. Without employees who have the necessary skill set and education for the role they hold a
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