Human Resource Management Practices in Alcoa

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Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 3 3. Overview of the company 4 4. Recruitment and Selection 4 4.1. Introduction 4 4.2. Review of Literature 4 4.3. Recruitment and Selection in Alcoa 5 4.4. Findings and Recommendations 6 5. Learning and Development 7 5.1. Introduction 7 5.2. Review of Literature 7 5.3. Learning and Development in Alcoa 8 5.4. Findings and Recommendations 9 6. Reward Management 9 6.1. Introduction 9 6.2. Review of Literature 10 6.3. Reward Management in Alcoa 10 6.4. Findings and Recommendations 11 7. Performance Management 11 7.1. Introduction 11 7.2. Review of Literature 11 7.3. Performance Management in Alcoa 12 7.4. Findings and…show more content…
As Armstrong (2009, p. 515) explains it, “recruitment is the process of finding and engaging the people the organization needs. Selection is that part of the recruitment process concerned with deciding which applicants or candidates should be appointed to jobs”.
Review of Literature
With the increasingly wider reach of the internet, more and more companies are turning to online platforms for recruitment and selection of candidates. Recent studies tried to understand the different impacts and implications of this new approach for companies and prospective applicants (Bauer, 2006; Parry and Wilson, 2009). A survey research conducted by Chapman and Webster (2003) indicated that the Internet was the preferred medium of HR professionals when recruiting candidates for many positions across different industries.
By examining companies’ recruitment websites, Braddy, Meade and Kroustalis (2006) investigated the viewer’s perception and impressions on organisational culture. Differently from other recruitment media, corporate recruitment websites present companies the opportunity to provide comprehensive job descriptions along with other relevant information about the business for potential candidates. It was found that content such as corporate mission and values, corporate policies and practices, corporate goals, employee benefits, and miscellaneous information can have a positive or negative influence on the reader. Results

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