Human Resource Management Reform in China Essay example

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Human Resource Management Reform in China Abstract The era of the knowledge economy has arrived. Competitiion beween companies in the future will depend largely on the ability to attract and retain high-quality employees. China's entry into the WTO pushes forward its participation in globalization and exposes the SOE's to heavier competition and greater challenges. HRM reform of SOE's in China is at the top of the reform agenda. Empirical studies show that national culture affects the operation and efficiency of HRM in organizations. According to Robert M. Verburg, HRM methods differ across different cultures and Mark Easterby-Smith has argued that HRM is cultural sensitive. Thus to understand the troubles SOE's face, we must take…show more content…
The advent of knowledge economy requires companies to form a new concept of HR, that is, the human- oriented concept. Globalization refers to the development an economy and any forms of governance that span much of the world.It means the integration of markets across the entire world and the increasing tendency for people , corporations and states to operate in or across national boundaries. More foreign enter into China and the employment opportunities will be conduct regardless of the nationality in favor of ability. Mobility of humanresourse.With China's WTO accession, many in the Western world are planning to exploit the vast potential markets and considering the "benefits" that WTO membership will bring such as increased access, new markets and more opportunities to move production facilities. To benefit fully from WTO membership, however, Chinese companies will have to become players on the world, rather than just on the regional stage. Otherwise, the world will compete with China, but China will not benefit fully from entry into Western markets. We have come to realize that China's entry into WTO will bring great risks and challenges as well as the excellent opportunities to the Chinese companies, especially the state-owned companies, which are still in the process of reform. We need to quicken our pace of reform and lay a good foundation to meet these challenges. Twenty years of economic reform in China has included
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