Human Resource Management Summary Paper

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Human Resource Management Summary Paper Joshua L. Norman Southern Nazarene University OL 301 Mr. Brandon Bowen January 20, 2016 Introduction Human resource departments have many functions within a company. It is virtually impossible to develop a good team of individuals with no human resource department. Some of the more important functions of the human resource department are recruiting, training, performance evaluation, and employee motivation. In addition, the human resource department may provide services that improve an organizations communication and workplace safety. One of the largest roles of the HR department is personnel recruiting and training. The HR managers develop plans and strategies for finding and hiring the right people for the organization. These plans and strategies are developed based on the organizations overall mission. In addition, the HR managers develop training for the newly hired employees. This training enhances the new employees existing skills and develops skills dedicated to the position. Another function of human resource management is effective employee selection. This is an in-depth process that must be treated with attention to detail and care. In order to be successful in the selection of employees, the organization must have a thorough understanding of what characteristics are essential for the position to perform at a high level. This is where job analysis and design play a key role in the employee selection
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