Human Resource Management Systems : Management

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Human Resource Management Systems: Management Through Software
Auriel S. Brown
Dr. Jack Huddleston
HRM520004VA016-1148-001: Hr Information Systems
Strayer University 10/26/14

Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resource Information Systems or HRSI are systems used to combine task related to the human resource management field. These task include but are not limited to payroll, benefits management, and employment recruitment. Many businesses both large and small have begun to transition from employing multiple people to perform the task associated with running the organization. Although the human element of human resources will soon diminish these software systems help business owners who do not have the time or the capital to hire someone to do the jobs for them. The first initial step in selecting a product that fits the daily operations of the corporation is to understand exactly what your company needs to function properly. When researching such softwares there are several database systems created to suit even the smallest of businesses. For example a daycare facility has many attributes that are similar to running a large corporation. The facility will needs an HRIS that will execute and manage payroll and benefits, keep track of clients and employee information,track inventory, and send electronic invoices to parents. This database will need to combine all these elements in order to sustain the growing daycare facility but cannot become
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