Human Resource Management : The Components Of An Organization 's Management System

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Human Resource Management is one of the components of an organization 's management system as a whole, and has played a leading role in corporate strategy. Human resource management includes activities to attract and also the training and saving of effectiveness in the workforce. Human resource managers successfully schedule and implement all of the activities linked to worker selection, planned testing, training and development, and listening and addressing employees ' problems and grievances. (Youseef, 2012)
Human resource management is based on three main principles (Bala, 2011):
Each manager, regardless of his position, is responsible for the management of human resources. This means that the manager needs to understand what
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This policy is a system of theoretical views, ideas, requirements, and principles. It also defines the main directions of work with the staff and its forms and methods.
Human Resource Management is associated with optimal use of the capacity of the industrial environment and is also used to achieve organizational goals. It contains trace elements: Organization planning; Job analysis; Appraisal or evaluation; Selection and Assessment; Team Building; Training and development; Compensation, Wage and salary administration; Job Conditions Optimization; Conflict Resolution.
Companies may be divided into two types. First, there are “traditionalists” who believe that the main and predominant aspect to the company, as well as with the personnel and payroll, that all matters are dealt with on the basis of existing legislation. Second there are “innovators” who gives it more ambitious goals. For them, the development of HRMS already lies in the development of management and analytic functions. This is the next step of using human resources management systems.
Until now, some managers considered human resources mainly to become permanent and to beat unavoidable expenses. However, today the company 's staff is understood primarily as an important resource, one of the most important elements of the entire system, which is necessary for its normal functioning. The general concept of human resource

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