Human Resource Management and Evolutionary Strategic Approach

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Assignment 4
Chastity Byrd
Dr. Dana Richmond, MBA
Strayer University
May 26, 2012

1. Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs. In order to effectively use online recruiting, the professionals must understand how the process works; this is done by providing a framework of understanding the antecedents and outcomes of recruitment (Gueutal & Stone, 2005). One way is to use the Rynes’s (1991) model. This model suggests that the applicants gather information about organizations to assess the types of rewards offered by the organization and determine whether or not they meet the requirements of the job (Gueutal et
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The numerous expectations that shape the psychological contract include the work role (skills use, job performance), social relations (coworker and customer interactions), economic rewards (raises, monetary incentives), and company culture (Baker, 1985; Breaugh & Starke, 2000; Kavanagh et al, 2012). According to Heneman & Judge, 2006, one approach to use to ensure psychological contracts are filled is a realistic recruitment message. This message describes the organization and the job as they truly are without sugarcoating (Heneman & Judge, 2006; Kavanagh et al, 2012). A realistic job preview is an important tool that a lot of organizations use, it shows applicants the positive and negative characteristics of a job they are applying for to see if this job is truly what they desire or thought it was (Wanous,1992). These previews can be communicated via written information that is posted on the employers’ Web sites (Heneman & Judge, 2006; Kavanagh et al, 2012; Wanous, 1992)
4. Suggest three (3) strategies you would use to attract high-quality candidates and members of diverse groups using e-Recruitment approach.
One strategy to use to attract candidates would be through social media. Examples of social media would be Facebook, Twitter and even email such as Yahoo, Google, etc.