Human Resource Management and New Starters Essay

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Star Goup Investigation The modern time is about change in variables existing in the environment that surrounds any organization. The corporate therefore has to plan the uncertainty in a limited time span focusing on training and development of staff ( Delahaya,2011,p.2). The most critical component for success of the organizations rest on how competent and knowledgeable their staffs are. Likewise the investment has to made on the human resource so that they are efficient and effective enough to reach the company goals. HRDNI is a process that identifies the flaws in the incident that is happening in any organization. The main motive of HRDNI is to find out what is the defect that is preventing the organization to reach the…show more content…
developing a questionnaire and distributing it to the participants of the induction program because ‘the survey questionnaires can gather hard data that can be analyzed objectively from large groups of people’, (Sofo,2012,p.110). Finally the other data gathering process that was actually implemented was through the formation of the pilot group. The pilot group thus was interviewed with a number of questions to decide if the onboarding process was actually effective to new starters. Some of the 'pain points' were summarized in six common themes: 1. Lack of documented processes and procedures Each stake holder reported a worrying lack of documented processes and procedures, not just in onboarding but other Human resources and Shared Business Services functions. Particular concern was raised about visibility to geographically dispersed processes. 2. Quality and consistency of onboarding information The pilot group along with the stakeholders reported that onboarding materials had some flaws in it. Inconsistent content Lack of Standardization Lengthy induction presentations Time and accuracy challenges in manually copying employee details provided during the recruitment to other systems such as SAP and Active Directory Challenges in delivering the LOG ON information to non- PC or kiosks users. 3. Lack of manager accountability Managers believe that they do not include the responsibility for
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