Human Resource Management and Regulations

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HR Management and Regulations 1. Employment at Will Employment at Will law is highly relevant to the Personnel Planning functions of Human Resources Management. Personnel Planning sometimes involves the termination of competent and otherwise desirable employees due to financial or organizational challenges coming from the employer's side. In at-will employment relationship, the employer and employee agree at the outset that the employer may terminate the employment relationship for any time at any reason. In the case of at-will employees, employers are not required to show "good cause" for termination, meaning that they do not necessarily have to prove that the employee did anything to deserve termination. Although at-will employment seems to put tremendous security and leverage in the hands of the employer, the termination of an at-will employee can invite a tremendous amount of legal trouble, particularly when the personal relationship and communication between the employee and employer is not good. An at-will employee who has demonstrated competent performance on the job before being terminated could develop the belief that employer made the termination decision based on something other than job performance or organizational issues. Although at-will employment law actually permits termination due to simple personal dislike, it does not permit termination due to dislike based on the employee's gender, race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, status
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