Human Resource Management and Training

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Employee is an important assets in determine the successful and well-being of a company. Stagnant and incompetent employee will cause a company unable to compete with its rival and worst the company might be underperform and suffer great loss. Training plays an important role in enhancing or develops employee skills, ability, knowledge and attitude to increase their performance and competencies. Without training, the performance of employee is poor and organization will affected. According to Ho (2003), he stated that organization often thinks that training is costly to conduct buttraining can be view as an investment to achieve higher productivity in the organization. By conducting a systematic and well-plan training it can develop a satisfaction and meet the needs of employee to perform their job better in future. Besides that, a proper training will give both organization and employee benefits such as better quality work environment, provides a challenge whereby the employee have a chance to learn new things and ensure the goal and objectives more effectively met (Buckley, 1991). There are three practices methods that often being used by the Human Resource to conduct a training program in their organization which are classroom lecture method, coaching and on the job training. Classroom lecture training approaches involves training at outside trainee’s regular workstation. In other words, these training methods required a place with a large space which able to accommodate
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