Human Resource Management: and the Sugar Factory.

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Delbert Lammers Human Resource Management: BUS 303 Human Resource Management, and the Sugar Factory Beverly Williams: Instructor August 30th, 2010

Human Resource Management: And the Sugar Factory Have you ever hired someone to work for you? If you have ever went to a dentist or a doctor, or had your car serviced or repaired, or hired someone to mow your lawn, then you have used some form of Human Resource Management (HRM) skills, when hiring these people. Perhaps you simply relied on word off mouth when choosing a company or person to work for you, or perhaps it was the way they dressed and spoke that persuaded you to hire them. Then again, you may have needed more information to make a decision, and so you did a credit
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Health and Safety In 1973 I worked at the factory all summer helping to tear out the aging oil fired boiler which was used to dry the sugar beet pulp during the pellitizing process. The removal of the old boiler included the removal of hundreds of feet of asbestos insulated pipe. If I remember correctly, no safety precautions were made during the removal of the asbestos, I think because most of us at that time, had never heard of the hazards of asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral which was once widely used in piping and insulation products, until thousands of people claimed to have contracted respiratory diseases as a result of inhaling the dust from asbestos, Ivancevich (2008). A French company was awarded the contract to install the new gas fired boiler, and a French engineer with several assistants were sent from France to oversee the project. It was very dangerous work. I remember that three men were seriously injured during that construction project. One man lost a foot when a large crane jumped when it lost tension on its lift cable, and one of the outrigger pads came down on the mans foot, who was standing to close to the crane. This accident could have easily been prevented if only the area immediately around the crane had been roped off, or if someone responsible had been watching to make sure no one got too close to the crane while it was in operation. Accidents were common place at the Nyssa

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