Human Resource Management in Multinationals Essay

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Table of content ABSTRACT 3 INTRODUCTION 3 OBJECTIVE 3 LITERATURE REVIEW 4 1. CONCEPTUAL INTRODUCTION 4 2. CHALLENGES IN MULTINATIONALS 5 2.1 Career blockage 6 2.2 Culture shock 6 2.3 Lack of cross cultural training 6 2.4 Family problems 6 3. MANAGING MULTICULTURAL TEAM 7 4. NEW ALTERNATIVE IN THE EXPATRIATE ASSIGNMENTS 8 5. RETAINING SUBSIDIARY STAFF’S RETENTION 9 METHODOLOGY 10 1. RESEARCH METHODS 10 2. RESEARCH PROCEDURE 11 3. DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYZING 12 4. RESEARCH SCHEDULE 12 5. INTERVIEW 12 5.1 Interview plan 12 5.2 Level of Language 13 5.3 Interview questions 13 5.4 Analyses about the interview questions 13 FINDING AND RESULTS 16 CONCLUSION 17 SOLUTIONS TO THE IHRM ISSUES 19 REFERENCES 21…show more content…
1. Conceptual Introduction Staffing management deals with a comprehensive term for all operative functions namely recruiting, placing, appraisal, rewarding, assessing, developing performed in HR management. According to International HRM model created by Patrick V. Morgan and Peter J. Bottrall, three dimensions are involved :  Human resource functions  Procurement  Allocation  Utilization  National or country functions  The host country where a subsidiary may be located  The home country where an international company is headquartered  And “others” countries that may be the source of labor or finance  Employees functions  Local/ host-country nationals (HCNS)  Expatriates/parent-country nationals (PCNS)  Third-country nationals (TCNS) Face to those options and wide resource, the managers in global enterprises have particular concern about the employees’ ability to disseminate knowledge and innovation throughout their global operations . The use of expatriates has seemed to be a logical choice for staffing, while the use of parent-country nations seems to be most appropriate in some specific situation . Some other global enterprises also prefer integrate the expatriates and local human resource. Nevertheless, each procedure has both advantage and disadvantage. With regard to executive nationality staffing policies, “There are major four categories on the HRM within Multinational corporations : the ethnocentric approach, the
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