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Human Resource Function: Sheraton Hotel and Tower Surabaya Alex Chandra 3104009 Raymond Kurniawan Tjiadi 3104010 Kevin Krisnadi 3104802 Julian Giovanni 3104812 Anastasia Santoso 3114701 IBN – Fundamental of Human Resource Management Universitas Surabaya 1. Overview The origins of the brand date back to 1937 when Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore acquired the Stonehaven Hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. The chain got its name from another early hotel that the pair had acquired, which had a lighted sign on the roof saying "Sheraton Hotel" which was large and heavy and therefore too expensive to change. Instead, they decided to call all their hotels by that name. Henderson and Moore had opened three hotels in Boston by…show more content…
In the motivation of materially or incentive, what is your view about the role of incentive towards the performance of the company? What kind of criteria that awarded that kind of incentive? We have many kinds of motivation, like promotion, associate of the month, associate gathering, care share (can be redeem), president award (star of the month will be registered to the regional), and incentives for sales. We also have two kinds of incentives, cash incentives (quarterly) and trip incentives (yearly). Q: How Sheraton Hotel respond to the violation from rules that happen by the employees? What kind of approach that the Sheraton used? Department and Supervisor manage them. Light warning (discussed) and will be given to the employee a written warning. In relation to the safety function and health care of company to the employee, what implementation that Sheraton use? How Sheraton see that benefits? Is it only as a cost or expense that arise from obligations solely or as an investment in improving company performance? We have safety and security certification (checked from the third party). We also have training for new comers. Once in 3 months, there will be a evacuation practice without any announcement. We also have an emergency response team to ensure safety. We give 4 kinds of insurance that are jamsostek, old age insurance, inpatient, and life insurance. Q: Towards the rules for giving day off

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