Human Resource Managers And Employees From The Catering Sector Essay

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There needs to be a greater investment into the infrastructure of the hotel sector in Kosovo. Human resource managers and employees from the catering sector were researched to find out what can motivate them to be more efficient. They need to be more efficient in providing the tourists and owners with what they need and require as well with the business objectives. Throughout this study, they wanted to help development the professionalism of human resources in the hotel while finding better ways to help motivate the staff. Tourism is based upon the activity of the hotel business that offer services for tourists. Catering is an example of a sector of the hotel that does not always communicate directly with the client. The recruitment and selection process is the function of determining the quality of the workforce. Workforces are important because they provide methods to achieving goals for the present and the future. The recruitment process is a core function of human resources. Recruitment is the overall process of attracting, selecting, and appointing suitable candidates for jobs with an organization. Different industries and jobs require different criteria that must be met in order to be selected as a candidate. To create the criteria for the job, companies determine what the exact needs of the workforce are. Also, they define concrete objectives of recruitment such as: how long they are planning on working their (short term or long term employee). The criteria that

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