Human Resource Managment-Misconduct

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Introduction about the BK Steel Company.
As a HR student how do you see the problem? What would have been the role of the Personnel Department, including the Personnel Manager in preventing the loss of loyal and senior workers? Explain your answer in detail giving examples and theories you learnt from the class room.
If there was a well qualified and experienced Human Resources Manager instead of a Personnel Manager, how he (the HRM) would have behaved/acted to prevent labor turnover, before the interference of MD. Explain your answer in detail.
By avoiding the training these five junior supervisors have done misconduct! Explain what you mean by the term “Misconduct” and explain the impact of these
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High turnover can also make the remaining employees more stressed out because they have to fill in the gaps until a new employee is hired and trained. Labor turnover can affect the production procedures and the reputation of the company. As a HR student I see more negative effects such as,
Unfulfilled Daily Functions
High turnover may struggle to complete all necessary or important daily functions. For an example, if it takes 10 workers to a complete a given work task or function in a day, and only seven workers are currently employed in that area, the company has to figure out how to deal with the unfulfilled daily work requirement.

Lower Knowledge Base
In organizations with high turnover, constant change in employee ranks means average years of experience and background of employees are low. This means employees are generally less familiar with work tasks they complete and working effectively with customers. The more valuable the positions being turned over are to the company, the more impact the turnover will have on current and future performance and achieving organizational goals.
Low team spirit
When the staff changes frequently, the employees who stay have a difficult time building a positive team spirit. A group of employees learns to work well together, only to have one or more members leave. High turnover can hurt
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